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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

The Wonder of the Night

Even though it was cloudy for most of the night, it was fairly chilly, so I was not expecting a great deal in trap. Thanks to one or two heavy showers, it was not looking promising as the egg boxes were soaking! Luckily I did get something, and of the 9 moths, one was a brand new species, and a couple were new for the year. I've been waiting for a long time, but the moment finally came when I looked at the outside of the trap to see a Merveille Du Jour sitting there! Yipee! Even more intircately stunning in the flesh.
18th October:
2 Brick NFY
2 Chestnut
2 Red-line Quaker
1 Red-green Carpet NFY
1 Yellow-line Quaker
1 Merveille Du Jour NFG (roughly translates as 'wonder of the day' I think)
Merveille Du Jour

The head view

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