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Saturday, 9 October 2010

A Mega Autumn Haul!

I hope my esteemed colleauges are taking advantage of the current weather, cause I don't think it could be better for mothing in October! I will have to take back what I said yesterday about it not getting any better, because it has! Depsite the night starting off clear, the cloud rolled in, and I got an incredibly large haul of 33 moths of 20 species! These included a brand new species, as well as a couple of other year ticks, and several species that are very late(maybe something to do with the poor September weather?).
8th October:
5 Common Marbled Carpet (including one very fresh individual)
4 Black Rustic
3 Large Yellow Underwing
2 Yellow-line Quaker
2 Brindled Green NFY
2 Chestnut
1 Green Carpet
1 Grey Pine Carpet
1 Silver Y
1 Red-line Quaker
1 Barred Sallow
1 Sallow NFY
1 Lesser Yellow Underwing
1 Light Emerald
1 Grey Shoulder-knot
1 Willow Beauty
1 Large Ranunculus
1 Spruce Carpet
1 Blair's Shoulder-knot NFG

Brindled Green (grey form)

Blair's Shoulder-knot
A dark Chestnut
The same with a normal Chestnut


  1. Glad your taking advantage of the weather, Sean. I've trapped 6 times this October, and between them have trapped 4 moths, with the addition of Cypress Carpet last night. I don't know if I can be bothered to put it out anymore this year with my results so far!

    Good mothing!


  2. Thats unlucky Bill! Mind you, I wouldn't mind a Cypress Carpet here.

  3. Sorry, Sean, not a dark chestnut - the shape of the termen is wrong.