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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Large Ranunculus- NE Surrey

I've been having a poor few weeks trapping wise... with only one moth caught, a Willow Beauty. Last night thought, an extremely late Least Carpet flew into the kitchen. It was a pretty weird occurance, as this is a moth I'd expect in mid-summer, so I didn't quite know what to think of it at first! I've sent the record to the CR, you never know... could be the latest record of the species for Surrey.

This morning, whilst relaxing at home (the beauty of free periods at college!!), I also found my second Large Rancunculus for the garden, and for the year, resting on a wall. It flew off when I got too close and I thought I wasn't going to get photo (the last one I caught also flew off before I could get a shot), but luckily it landed perfectly on a plant.

Large Ranunculus...

I always enjoy finding butterflies in autumn, reminds me of summer! This Small White was sunning itself in the garden yesterday, during a rare occurance of sunshine...

Happy Mothing,


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