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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Thursley comes up trumps

Myself and David Gardner trapped at Thursley Common last night. One reason was because the last time we tried the site on 16th June, the weather was very cold. In fact, we almost got more moths tonight! The weather was good, with some cloud cover, and the final totals were encouraging. The main reason for the session however was to look for the rare Southern Chestnut, which is a RDB species, and occurs just over the border in Sussex. Unsurprisingly, we did not find that, but we still had a good evening. We managed one lifer for me in the shape of a couple of gorgeous Dotted Chestnut.
9th October, Thursley Common:
13 Chestnut
12 Yellow-line Quaker
3 Sallow
3 Pink-barred Sallow
3 Barred Sallow
2 Red-line Quaker
2 Dotted Chestnut*
1 Satellite
1 Brick
1 Black Rustic
1 Pine Carpet
1 Feathered Thorn
1 Dusky Thorn
1 Lesser Yellow Underwing

Dotted Chestnut

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