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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Green and Yellow

Another fantastic cloudy night attracted some real lookers to the trap come the morning.
55 moths of 28 species was an excellent return, and included a first for the garden in the distinctive shape of a Green Silver-lines. I did wonder when I would get this one, after finding a caterpillar not so far away last year. Some year ticks were Lobster Moth and Swallow-tail Moth.
29th June:
8 Heart and Dart
8 Riband Wave
3 Fan-foot
3 Double Square-spot
3 Flame
2 Lobster Moth NFY
2 Beautiful Hook-tip
2 Buff Arches
2 Coronet
2 Rustic
2 Willow Beauty
2 Uncertain
1 Blotched Emerald
1 Light Emerald
1 Green Pug
1 Marbled White Spot
1 Buff-tip
1 Heart and Club
1 Minor sp.
1 Green Silver-lines NFG
1 Swallow-tailed Moth NFY
1 Dark Arches
1 Ingrailed Clay
1 Buff Ermine
1 May Highflyer
1 Bird's Wing
1 Small Angle Shades
1 Large Yellow Underwing

Lobster Moth

Swallow-tailed Moth

Blotched Emerald

Green Silver-lines

Green Silver-lines

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