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Thursday, 1 July 2010

24th-26th June

It's been a good last few nights with some real stunners turning up in the trap, not least getting my second and third Hawkmoth species for the garden, Elephant and Lime respectfully...

My garden macro list for the year has increased to 67, and combined with the micros (that I have identified), my total garden moth list for the year is 87. Other new moths for the year over the period of 24th to 26th June were:
  • Leopard Moth
  • Blue-bordered Carpet
  • Heart and Club
  • Peppered Moth
  • Marbled White Spot
  • Common Carpet
  • Barred Red
  • Buff Ermine
  • Foxglove Pug
  • The Fan-Foot
  • The Short-cloaked
  • Common Footman
  • Middle-barred Minor
Elephant Hawk-moth (a stunner)...

And a close up of that mouth watering colouring...

Lime Hawk-moth...

Leopard Moth...

Common Footman...

The Fan-Foot...

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  1. Some fantastic moths there Billy, including a couple I have never seen. Great photography too.