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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Mullein over one Shell of a moth

Back to old faithful last evening, my garden. Less than perfect conditions produced a surprisingly large number of moths, that included two new for the garden. Amongst 66 moths of 25 species was a Mullein Wave, and a gorgeous Scallop Shell, which is a first for me. I tried to get a more natural shot of the latter, but it got away! That brings my macro garden year list to 144.
5th July:
15 Dark Arches
10 Heart and Dart
5 Mottled Beauty
4 Double Square-spot
4 Buff Arches
3 Riband Wave
2 Beautiful Hook-tip
2 Flame
2 Uncertain
2 Heart and Club
2 Common Lutestring
1 Small Dusty Wave
1 Clouded Silver
1 Barred Red
1 Minor sp.
1 Broken-barred Carpet
1 Light Arches
1 Scallop Shell NFG
1 Elephant Hawk-moth (an also-ran now!)
1 Green Pug
1 Minor Shoulder-knot
1 Buff Ermine
1 Fan-foot
1 Dunbar
1 Mullein Wave NFG

A squadron of Dark Arches

Small Dusty Wave

Minor Shoulder-knot

Buff Arches

Beautiful Hook-tip

Mullein Wave

Scallop Shell


  1. Wow Scallop Shell! any chance of a batter picture? I must admit that Geometrids are pretty flighty.

  2. Unfortunately Ben, it got away whilst I was trying to photo it better. I realise now I should have just photographed it in situ on the egg box, because as you can see from other shots here, the result would not have been bad. Look further down the blog and you can see the shot of a fresher individual trapped by Billy.

  3. the micro is Agapate zoegana (if memory serves me right). Some nice moths there, Sean.

  4. On the wrong post Ken, but thanks! I've made the edit.

  5. Whoops! I'm having probs because my firewall is blocking all pix at the moment - well that's my excuse anyway.
    Once I've got it working again properly, I'll post a few more myself.