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Saturday, 17 July 2010

Luckily, rain the Least of our worries at Albury

I turned up at Albury Heath yesterday evening expecting to either get turned away, or get rained on and have the session abandonded. But, despite fairly cold conditions, we went ahead, and somehow, we got no rain. Even though I had to leave early, I still saw three or four new species. In all, 42 macros were seen up to 0:00.
The first lifer was unexpected Least Carpet, not in a traditional location. Then a geometrid turned up, which happened to be a Birch Mocha, surprisingly my first one of those, despite having seen the rarer Mocha before. Finally, right at the end of my visit, a long-overdue tick of Scalloped Hook-tip arrived. Reviewing my photos this morning, I just wonder whether the second Birch Mocha which appeared, is actually a False Mocha (it looks more yellow). I'm currently in correspondence with David Gardner who was there, and he will get back to me with his thoughts (its a shame the photo is poor!).
16th July. Albury Heath:
Marbled White Spot
Lobster Moth
Least Carpet*
Birch Mocha*
Common Footman
Scarce Footman
Buff Footman
Rosy Footman
True Lover's Knot
Buff Arches
Pebble Hook-tip
Riband Wave
Mottled Beauty
Common Emerald
Knot Grass
Large Twin-spot Carpet
Double Square-spot
Ruby Tiger
Buff Ermine
Small Fan-footed Wave
Large Yellow Underwing
Beautiful Hook-tip
Common Rustic sp.
July Highflyer
Flame Shoulder
Scalloped Oak
Spruce Carpet
Heart and Dart
Tawny-barred Angle
Peppered Moth
Orange Footman
Green Pug
Scalloped Hook-tip*
Small Rivulet
Scalloped Hook-tip
Large Twin-spot Carpet
True Lover's Knot
Small Rivulet
Least Carpet
False Mocha?
Birch Mocha

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