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Thursday, 15 July 2010

Hectic week

I had a very busy trapping session overnight on Tuesday (13th) with c70 species in the trap, including three completely new to me: scallop shell, lesser-spotted pinion and dot moth. I also had about 20 year ticks. It took me ages to ID and, where appropriate, photograph everything.
This evening I netted another new moth in the garden, large emerald.
I am also uploading a picture of one of the egg trays to give an idea of what they looked like - this was taken about three hours after dawn when quite a few moths had already flown away.

large emerald

egg box

dot moth

scallop shell

lesser-spotted pinion

And a couple of year ticks....
bordered beauty

Momphus locupletella (to be confirmed) - Surrey notable

Recurvaria leucatella (Notable (b))


  1. Beautiful Scallop Shell, your Pinion is in fact Lunar-spotted.

  2. Not according to Graham Collins! But I've sent it to him for checking. The hindwing looks right for lesser to me.