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Saturday, 19 June 2010

Old Lady- 17th June

Apart from a large number of Treble Brown Spots, Riband Waves and Small Dusty Waves that have been appearing in the trap, I've had nothing to be excited about this past week.

... That was until yesterday night when I decided to do a bit of netting with the porch light to light up the garden. After a few minutes something big flew into the light and landed on the ground below. I knew immediatly that it was the absolute stunner, the Old Lady. I potted it up (it was a squeeze!) and waited till morning for some photos.

The highlight of my year so far and up there with those moths that I've always wanted to catch. It might not be the most colourful, but this has got to be the most stunning moths I've ever seen!

More photos of Treble Brown Spot and Riband Wave to come but I just had to give this guy it's own post!

I guess it's cheered me up slightly from that shocking England performance this evening against Algeria... can't see us winning the World Cup this year ;-)

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