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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

21st June- More Quality than Quantity

Last night was no way as good as the night before, although I did get my first Footman for the garden, in the form of a Scarce Footman, distinguishable from the Common Footman by it's more cone shaped posture...

Scarce Footman...

Other moths that were NFY (new for year) were Small Blood-vein and Dwarf Cream Wave, both of which took little notice of the light trap.

Total list...

1 Scarce Footman
4 Treble Brown Spot
10 Riband Wave- Including, embarrassingly, my first record of ssp. aversata for the garden
1 Dwarf Cream Wave
1 Small Dusty Wave
1 Small Blood-vein
1 Blotched Emerald- Another or the same as last nights
2 Dark Arches
5 Heart and Dart
1 Straw Dot
10 Willow Beauty
3 Green Pug

Small Blood-vein...

Dwarf Cream Wave...

My first garden record of the remutata form of Riband Wave...

In the way of micros...

3 Variegated Golden Tortrix- NFY
1 Small Magpie- NFY
10 Green Oak Tortrix
2 Light Brown Apple Moth
2 Barred Fruit Tree Tortrix

Small Magpie...

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