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Sunday, 13 June 2010

A Ghost at Thursley Generates Some Warmth

I had my first run out with my newly acquired generator at Thursley Common last night, but it was pretty hopeless, thanks to chilly conditions. Luckily, David Gardner was running his 'monster' trap as well, so we were able to get some good macros, as well as important micro records.

Up to 0:00, we got only twelve macro species, but these did inlcude new moths for me of Ghost Swift and two Barred Red. Also nice to get Pine and Elephant Hawk-moths. A geometrid which I netted nearby caused some excitment, as it was initially thought to be a first-for-surrey Lead Belle or rare-for-surrey July Belle. The very worn creature is going to be gen. deted, but it is thought to probably be just a Tawny-barred Angle (yes it was that worn!).

2 Pine Hawk-moth
2 Spruce Carpet
2 Barred Red
2 Buff Ermine
1 Treble Brown Spot
1 Flame Shoulder
1 Treble Lines
1 Ghost Swift
1 Ture Lovers Knot
1 Elephant Hawk-moth
1 Brown Silver-line

Ghost Swift

Pine Hawk-moth

Barred Red

Elephant Hawk-moth

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