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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Slowing down

I ran the trap overnight on 18th but there wasn't a great catch. Mind you, the fact that there were 20+ hornets meant that some of the moths were not in great shape. The highlight was a new for garden antler moth. This species is very common in parts of northern Britain, but this appears to be the first record for my 10 Kms square (TQ34) for nearly 30 years!
A few photos follow:

Not a great pic, but illustrating the difference between canary-shouldered thorn and September thorn.

square-spot rustic

angle-shades - surprisingly my first of the year!

antler moth

Pyrausta aurata (rather faded)

Pyrausta purpuralis (much fresher - the hindwing pattern is the key difference from P aurata)

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