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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Cold Wisley still produces Sharp sightings

On the 7th August, I went to Wisley Common, but the weather was as cold as it could possibly be, and we only got 18 macro species. Luckily, the site was good enough to still produce a couple of lifers. One of the first moths was a Dotted Clay, and one of the last was a Sharp-angled Peacock, and we also got a Common Peacock for comparison.
Wisley Common, 7th August:
Double-striped Pug
Dingy Footman
Single-dotted Wave
Dotted Clay*
True Lovers Knot
Ruby Tiger
Scarce Footman
Riband Wave
Common Rustic
Black Arches
Pale Prominent
Ear Moth
Copper Underwing
Sharp-angled Peacock
Common Wave
Sharp-angled Peacock
Dotted Clay

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