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Friday, 6 July 2012

A Wales-ized catch!

Hi all,

I've been away in North Wales for the week for a family holiday, which is why I've not updated recently.  I saw some great moths whilst there.  I realise this is rather off the topic of the blog, so I'll try and keep it brief!

I took my trap just in case it was worth running it in the garden of our rented cottage near Porthmadog, but in fact the best moths were flushed from vegetation whilst out birding.  I saw macro lifers of Grass Rivulet, Smoky Wave, and Muslin Footman this way.  Also several micro lifers including the rare and stunning Chrysoclista lathamella.  I trapped twice in the garden (bordered by farmland, marshland, and rocky moorland), but the first trapping was disappointing with only 16 species, only two of which I hadn't had in the garden back home (Peach Blossom and Barred Straw).    Despite a downpour, the second trapping last night however was fantastic, with 235 moths of 46 species (the most I've ever got in this trap).  A macro lifer amongst these was three Brussel's Lace.  Other highlights were Satin Beauty, Garden Tiger, another Muslin Footman, Broad-barred White, Broom Moth, and the Gorse feeder Anarsia spartiella.

Sorry about the odd light in these shots.

Brussel's Lace

 Muslin Footman

Broom Moth

Just in case you were wondering, although this was not supposed to be a purely birding trip, ornithological highlights included Black Guillemots, Puffins, Ospreys, Choughs, and Black Grouse.  All in all a fantastic time was had!

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