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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Just when you don't expect it....

...so there I was at about 6.30pm last night getting ready for an evening out, having the usual wardrobe malfunction and throwing a bit of a strop, when my partner calmly announced "I've just seen a moth" and disappeared rapidly out of the door! 

Torn between throwing an even bigger strop and curiosity, curiosity won out.  Turned out to be not any old moth but a Small Ranunculus!  The trap hadn't been on for a few night because of the weather and me being poorly so I can only think it had been attracted to one of the house lights and had found a sheltered spot out of the rain.
Small Ranunculus

So despite the weather we ran the trap last night hoping another might show up but not to be.  Although four September Thorn were a bit of a surprise.

September Thorn

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