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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Calm after the Storm

Very much an 'after the lord mayors show' feel about mothing at the moment, with the hot weather and peak mothing time seemingly over.  I thought it might be worth trapping in the garden last night in complete cloud cover, but nothing unusual was caught.  Still, a total of 84 moths of 38 macro species ain't bad, particularly for this year.  Just five expected year ticks.

30th July:
16 Riband Wave
7 Uncertain
4 Peppered Moth (including a carbonaria)
4 Scalloped Oak
3 Large Yellow Underwing
3 Buff Ermine
3 Rustic
3 Dark Arches
3 Common Rustic sp.
2 Willow Beauty
2 Scalloped Hook-tip
2 Rosy Footman
2 Silver Y
2 Slender Brindle NFY
2 Common Footman
2 Dunbar
2 True Lover's Knot
2 Smoky Wainscot
1 Small Rivulet
1 Small Phoenix
1 Rosy Minor
1 September Thorn
1 Engrailed NFY
1 Red Twin-spot Carpet
1 Pine Carpet NFY
1 Double-striped Pug
1 Clay
1 Bird's Wing
1 Poplar Grey
1 Nut-tree Tussock
1 Heart and Dart
1 Scarce Footman
1 Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing
1 Bright-line Brown-eye
1 Single-dotted Wave
1 Small Fan-footed Wave
1 Ear Moth NFY

9 Dipleurina lacustrata
Eudonia mercurella
5 Agriphila straminella
5 Brown House-moth (I think these are trying to breed in the moth trap [feeding on the egg boxes], so some of these may be 'stowaways'!)
4 Cydia splendana
3 Crambus pascuella
3 Bryotropha terrella
2 Catoptria pinella
2 Hypsospygia glaucinalis
2 Bryotropha affinis
1 Bird-cherry Ermine
1 Tinea trinotella
1 Barred Fruit-tree Tortrix
1 Blastobasis adustella
1 Beautiful Plume
1 Phlyctaenia coronata
1 Acleris aspersana*
1 Carcina quercana
1 Catoptria falsella
1 Celypha lacunana 

Ear Moth

Slender Brindle

Single-dotted Wave

Pine Carpet

Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing

Rosy Minor

Acleris aspersana

Beautiful Plume

Tinea trinotella

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