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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

A Whole Lotta Leps

I trapped last night with Paul Wheeler at the west end of Newlands Corner (chalk downland site), mainly because conditions were forecast to be ideal and we couldn't let it go to waste, particularly this year!  The air was pretty warm, though steady rain did cause a few problems.  We ran three traps, and I set mine on a bare path, which I think in these conditions was a bit of a mistake, as all the equipment (and some of the moths regretably) got wet and filthy with mud!  As expected, numbers and diversity were very good, but quality was oddly poor, particularly the macros, with for instance only one or two chalk specialists.  No photos as a result of this and the rain.  Also, due to the weather, I didn't take notes, so a list here of 95 species is probably missing out several micros.  Still, an estimate of some 266 moths up to 1 am is not bad!

July 17th, Newlands Corner:
1 Yponomeuta plumbella
1 Argyresthia bonnetella
1 Batia lunaris
2  Carcina quercana
1 Metznaria metzneriella (plus at least one, possibly two other Metznaria species I can't recall at the moment)
3 Yarrow Plume
2 Beautiful Plume
1 Triangle Plume
3 Brown Plume
2 Common White Plume
2 Common Plume
5 Agapeta zoegana
1 Eupoecilia augustana
1 Aethes rubigana
3 Green Oak Tortrix
1 Acleris forsskaleana
2 Acleris ferrugana
2 Large Fruit-tree Tortrix
4 Variegated Golden Tortrix
3 Barred Fruit-tree Tortrix
1 Dark Fruit-tree Tortrix
1 Apatomis turbidana
3 Marbled Orchard Tortrix
4 Zeiraphera isertana
11 Bud Moth
7 Bramble Shoot Moth
2 Bee Moth
1 Hypsopygia glaucinalis
1 Acrobasis advenella
1 Euzophera pinguis
1 Homeosoma sinuella
3 Phycita roborella
1 Dipleurina lacustrata
1 Scoparia ambigualis
2 Scoparia pyralella
13 Chrysoteuchia culmella
1 Anania lancealis
1 Mother of Pearl
1 Oak Hook-tip (a tiny specimen!)
5 Peach Blossom
9 Buff Arches
3 Common Emerald
2 Small Fan-footed Wave
1 Treble Brown-spot
2 Riband Wave
1 Red Twin-spot Carpet
5 Large Twin-spot Carpet
6 Common Carpet
1 Yellow Shell
5 July Highflyer
1 Fern
3 Brown Scallop
2 Dark Umber

1 Green Pug
1 Brimstone
1 Early Thorn
2 Scalloped Oak
6 Peppered Moth (1 carbonaria)
1 Willow Beauty
3 Mottled Beauty
2 Satin Beauty
5 Engrailed
3 Clouded Silver
2 Pebble Prominent
1 Buff-tip
4 Scarce Footman
4 Buff Footman
2 Common Footman
14 Rosy Footman
1 Buff Ermine
4 Kent Black Arches
2 Short-cloaked Moth

1 Heart and Dart

3 Flame
5 Large Yellow Underwing
2 Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing
1 Least Yellow Underwing
3 Purple Clay
5 Double Square-spot
3 Clay
4 Smoky Wainscot
6 Coronet
7 Small Angle Shades
2 Suspected
3 Dunbar
3 Dark Arches
1 Common Rustic
2 Uncertain
1 Marbled White-spot
1 Green Silver-lines
3 Beautiful Golden Y
1 Silver Y
1 Beautiful Hook-tip
3 Snout
1 Fan-foot

2 Small Fan-foot

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