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Saturday, 31 March 2012

A Lunar eclipse...

We're obviously past the peak emergence of Small Quaker, so catch numbers are likely to reasonably low for a little while now. Well, until the Brindled Pugs peak! A decent variety last night though, in what was forecast as the last of the hot days (for a while). I got a few year ticks, including a reasonble scarcity in my garden, a Lunar Marbled Brown.
3oth Mar:
25 Small Quaker
10 Common Quaker
4 Hebrew Character
4 Brindled Pug
3 Clouded Drab
3 Twin-spot Quaker
1 Oak Beauty
1 Early Grey
1 Double-striped Pug NFY
1 Early Thorn NFY
1 Lunar Marbled Brown NFY
Lunar Marbled Brown
Not at all related to last nights trapping, but I took a walk on a heathland near me yesterday, in the hope of getting my first good view of an Orange Underwing. After a bit of frustration, one came low enough to net. I'm glad I have added it to my moth photography list (despite it not being a particularly good shot)!
Orange Underwing

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  1. Nice! I had a Lunar Marbled last week too, but have failed miserably to net an Orange Underwing.