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Monday, 26 March 2012

Moths Abound

As with everyone else, I have been getting lots of Small Quaker, interspersed with all the other moths you would expect to be seeing at this time of year:  Common Quaker, Twin-Spotted Quaker, Chestnuts and Dotted Chestnuts, Hebrew Character, Yellow Horned, March Moth etc etc.  

A few highlights were the nights I got five or six Oak Beauty...that's quite an impressive sight!  A few Early Thorn have arrived and also an early Purple Thorn - usually out around April/May.  A Red-Green carpet has also put in an appearance.

Oak Beauty
Early Thorn

Purple Thorn

My partner has spent the last few days here on Wimbledon Common looking for the day-flying Orange and Light Orange Underwing.  The former have been quite abundant around Birch, although flying too high too net.  But a lot of hours spent lurking around a small stand of Aspen finally paid off and he was, through binoculars, able to identify a male Light Orange Underwing by its characteristic comb-toothed antennae when it landed low down in the tree....although unfortunately not low enough to net.  This was reported to our County Recorder, Graham Collins, and he has today confirmed that he will accept this record by virtue of the characteristic antennae.   This is believed to be a first for Wimbledon Common.

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