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Saturday, 24 March 2012

The moths are Blossoming!

A night which was completely clear, didn't promise much, but the day had been warm, so I thought it was worth trying. Boy was it, as I got a total of 200 Small Quaker (with my previous trap, the most individuals of all species I got in one night was 107)! I also got a brand new species. I actually counted 199 Small Quaker, but I made a point of searching all the surfaces outside, in order to get that 200th, which I managed! The new one was a lovely Blossom Underwing.
24th Mar:
200 Small Quaker
9 Common Quaker
4 Hebrew Character
3 Clouded Drab
3 Twin-spot Quaker
2 Brindled Pug NFY
2 Early Grey NFY
1 Dotted Border
1 Red Chestnut
1 Chestnut
1 Blossom Underwing NFM
1 Oak Beauty
Brindled Pug
Early Grey
Blossom Underwing

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  1. Send that Blossom Underwing up here please ;-)