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Friday, 21 May 2010

Conditions are getting better

Wed night was much milder and my increased catch reflected this:

brimstone moth (nfy) 2
flame shoulder (nfy) 2
poplar hawk (nfy) 2

Hebrew character 2
small phoenix (nfy)
early grey
muslin moth
E. monodactyla
orange footman (nfy)

puss moth (nfy)

sharp-angled carpet (a rather deceptive one, which I first thought to be a water carpet!)

garden pebble (nfy)

white ermine (nfy)

swallow prominent (nfy)
lesser swallow prominent (nfy) 2
pale prominent (nfy)

coxcomb prominent (nfy)
white-spotted pug (nfy)

oak hook-tip (nfy)
scalloped hook-tip (nfy)
Oak nycteoline (nfy)

Epiblema cynosbatella (nfy)

Pale tussock (nfy)
several unidentified pugs!
(nfy = new for year)

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