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Sunday, 23 May 2010

Chafers don't Hog precedings at Norbury Park

I just had to be away for the week when it started to warm up didn't I! As a result I have not trapped in my garden for ages (I'll hopefully rectify that this evening), but I managed to get a fix from the mothing drug last night, and what a dramatic one it was.

I went to Norbury Park and trapped til 1am with David Gardner. The main surprise of the night was the shear number of Cockchafers. I think we got to about 50 come the end! They really were quite an inconvenience to say the least. Halfway through the night we also had a visit from a Hedgehog, and we were willing it over to help us clear the trap of Beetles!

Onto the moths, and we got 37 macros in the end, including a few surprises. I managed to get eight brand new species during the course of the night too. An interesting haul of Great Prominent also.

The final list (* is new to me):

Coronet (a dark form)
Treble Lines*
Small White Wave* x 5
Mottled Pug
Brindled Pug x 3
Pebble Hook-tip x 2
Common Carpet x 2
Pale Tussock x 3
Purple Bar x 2
Clay Triple-lines x 2
Nut-tree Tussock x 4
Brown Silver-lines* x 2
Red-green Carpet
Small Waved Umber x 2
Water Carpet
Scalloped Hazel x 2
Currant Pug*
Marbled Brown* x 6
Common White Wave
Coxcomb Prominent x 2
Silver-ground Carpet*
White Ermine
Pale Prominent
Flame Shoulder x 2
Oak Nycteoline
Scorched Carpet x 2
Least Black Arches x 2
Flame Carpet x 2
Brimestone x 5
Red Twin-spot Carpet x 4
Great Prominent x 10
Green Carpet x 16
Pretty Chalk Carpet
Waved Umber* x 2
White-pinion Spotted* x 7
Apologies for the poor shots, they were very much done on the spur of the moment.
Our late night visitor...
Waved Umber
Small White Wave
Pretty Chalk Carpet
White-pinion Spotted
Pebble Hook-tip
Pale Tussock
Oak Nycteoline
The Mocha
Marbled Brown
Great Prominent
Green Carpet

Coxcomb Prominent

Clay Triple-lines

The full trap!

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