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Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Right, lets see if this gets off the ground. I trap in a small suburban garden in north Surrey, and usually use a Skinner trap with a 100w blended bulb. However, so far this year I have not been trapping, as my 100w has been out of action, and am awaiting a 15w Actinic Tube in the post.

I have only been trapping since September last year but have already become addicted to it.
My best catches so far have included Cypress Carpet and Cypress Pug. Without the aid of a trap, I have only caught 6 species of moth this year including Common Quaker which I found in the porch yesterday evening...

Common Quaker- 20th April

Due to GCSEs, I won't be trapping as much as I would like to, but hopefully with other contributors' help, we can make this a useful resource! ... a bit too optimistic maybe? ;-)

Note to contributors: If you could add photos to your posts that would be great, could you chose 'Large' size and left allignment. Also, in the bottom left corner where you make the post where it says 'Labels', could you write the names of all the species in the photos of that particular post.


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