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Sunday, 25 April 2010

Introducing me!

engrailed (above)

dotted chestnut (below)

Agonopterix alstromeriana

powdered quaker

emperor moth


peacock butterfly

Lunar marbled brown

I'm Ken Noble. I live in the South-eastern corner of Surrey, under the Gatwick flight-path. (Wasn't the volcano a mercy?!)

I run a Robinson 125W trap but usually switch it off at bedtime, so I don't get the enormous catches that some people do. I started mothing about six years ago and my garden list is over 520 species now (I'm nearly up to 600 for Surrey). My main claim to fame was adding a tiny micro to the Surrey list - Argyresthia cupressella -though to be honest I wouldn't have known what it was if Graham Collins hadn't IDed it!

Trapping has been poor the last week or two because of cold nights, strong winds and lack of cloud cover. Last night I only had two lunar marbled browns, for instance. As this is my first post I'll put up one or two recent photos taken in my garden.
I enjoy photography - some of my efforts can be found on Mark Elvin's brilliant website: http://www.wildlife-galleries.co.uk/gallery2/main.php


  1. Good to have you in the team, Ken!

  2. Ditto! It seems you have the same problem as me, with the first words appearing on the right of the page half way up. Do you know how to prevent that Billy?

  3. Hi, Sean, mine seems to have gone right of its own accord.
    I am not sure how you are supposed to say what photo refers to which species...