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Monday, 24 September 2012

Where theres a Willow...

I've done it!  I've managed to scrape together a 200 year list for this garden, just a few days before the move.  There was loads of rain in the forecast, but I thought it would be worth trying with the complete cloud cover.  Luckily, it was a very full trap for the time of year, and amongst these were the two year ticks I required.  These were a Barred Sallow and a Pale Mottled Willow (how had I not got any of these before!).  If the conditions look good (which they don't at the moment), I may get one more trapping in before Saturday to give my garden the chance to give me one final surprise, but I doubt it.  Go to the bottom of the post for my gardens final statistics!

23rd September:
53 Large Yellow Underwing
6 Lesser Yellow Underwing
5 Setaceous Hebrew Character
3 Snout
3 Silver Y
2 Lunar Underwing
1 Pale Mottled Willow NFY
1 Square-spot Rustic
1 Common Marbled Carpet
1 Barred Sallow NFY
1 Copper Underwing
1 Angle Shades

Pale Mottled Willow

Barred Sallow

Final Statistics - Haslemere Garden:
I do love a good stat!

First trapping: 02/07/09
No of trappings: 192
Most (macro) moths in one trapping: 229 (24/03/12)
Most (macro) species in one trapping: 54 (26/07/12)
Most of one (macro) species in a trapping: 200 (Small Quaker - 24/03/12)
Extreme dates for trappings: 10/01 - 04/11

Most frequent (macro) species - Top 3:
1. Large Yellow Underwing (98 trappings)
2. Willow Beauty (74)
3. Dark Arches (73)

Most numerous (macro) species - Top 3:
1. Large Yellow Underwing (1389)
2. Heart and Dart (504)
3. Small Quaker (469)

Year Lists (macros):
2009 (Actinic) (52 nights): 160
2010 (Actinic) (63): 214
2011 (Actinic) (42): 168
2012 ( MV) (35): 200

Micro List (only started 18/06/12): 108
Macro List: 277
Best record: Striped Lychnis (24/07/12) - First in Surrey for 95 years!

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  1. Hope the new house lives up to expectations, Sean. I've enjoyed all your posts - and been impressed with your rapidly growing ID skills.
    Good luck with the new situation.