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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Saints and Cinnabars

Yet another warm day yesterday (getting bored of them yet?), so thought it was worth a punt with the trap.  It was, as this new trap seems to be able to glean new moths for my tiny garden left, right, and centre.  Another two today bringing my garden macro list to 265 in (nearly) three years.  These were a White-pinion Spotted and a surprise Cinnabar (usually a day-flyer, but does still come to light traps occasionally), but still not great numbers in the trap though.

26th May:
4 Brimstone
3 Peppered Moth
3 Scalloped Hazel NFY
2 Green Carpet
1 Angle Shades NFY
1 Red Twin-spot Carpet
1 Pale Tussock NFY
1 White-pinion Spotted NFG
1 Minor sp.
1 Poplar Grey
1 Shuttle-shaped Dart
1 Mottled Pug
1 Garden Carpet
1 Heart and Dart NFY
1 Cinnabar NFG
1 Muslin Moth NFY
1 Orange Footman NFY
1 Common Pug
1 Silver Y NFY
1 Dagger sp. NFY
1 Common Marbled Carpet NFY
1 Dwarf Pug
1 Silver-ground Carpet

White-pinion Spotted


Muslin Moth

Silver-ground Carpet

Scalloped Hazel

Orange Footman

Dagger sp. (prob Grey)

Angle Shades

Dwarf Pug (I think - quite worn)

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