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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Pouring and Prominents

What appaling weather we've been having.  I haven't trapped since March!  I thought it was worth trying last night after a reasonably warm day, although I was sure to fit the rain guard!  I got a nice selection including a new species for the garden.  Unsurprisingly, all but one were year ticks.  The new one was a Swallow Prominent.  I'm used to getting Lesser, but it was nice to get both together.  Unbelievably, despite it being quite a diverse (or be it not that numerous) catch, I didn't get a single Noctuid!

8th May:
5 Brindled Pug
3 Lesser Swallow Prominent NFY
1 Swallow Prominent NFG
1 Brimstone NFY
1 Red Twin-spot Carpet NFY
1 Waved Umber NFY
1 Peppered Moth NFY
1 Great Prominent NFY
1 Grey Pine Carpet NFY
1 Purple Thorn NFY
1 Currant Pug NFY
1 Maiden's Blush NFY
1 Brindled Beauty NFY

I also got loads of Twenty-plume Moths and this micro, Plutella porrectella:

Plutella porrectella


Swallow and Lesser Swallow Prominents

Brindled Beauty

Currant Pug

Great Prominent

Maiden's Blush

Purple Thorn

Peppered Moth

Waved Umber


  1. A nice catch there.

    Your micro above is Plutella porrectella



  2. Good to see someone is getting some moths. I too haven't trapped since March, and don't intend to change that until we get a really warm spell.

    Might I suggest that your 'Common' Pug has the discal spot and wing shape which might imply Currant Pug?

  3. Sorry Bill, your absolutley right.

    You can tell I haven't trapped for so long, as I'm a bit rusty!

  4. I've trapped a couple of nights this week and had a very poor showing. Green Carpet, Brimstone and Frosted Green mainly.

  5. ....however a Pale Tussock and a Muslin Moth brightened things up no end!