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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Not exactly a Carpet of moths at Redlands

The event last night was at Redlands Wood, in the shadow of Leith Hill near Dorking. It had been yet another disappointing day in terms of temperatures, but it was forecast to cloud over. Did it? Of course not! Temps were down to 12 degrees when we packed up at 12:30. As a result, numbers were pretty poor, although better than I expected. Luckily, we did get one or two nice things, including a new species to me. It was a Twin-spot Carpet that was one of the first moths to appear, and we got another 4 or so by the nights end. Nice to see my second Ghost Moth and Bordered White also.

July 9th, Redlands Wood:
July Highflyer
Mottled Beauty
Twin-spot Carpet*
Small Fan-footed Wave
Common Emerald
Riband Wave
Heart and Dart
Purple Clay
Bordered White
Ghost Moth
Tawny-barred Angle
Barred Red
Light Emerald
Small Rivulet
Satin Lutestring
Spruce Carpet
Dark Arches
Pine Hawk
Iron Prominent
Clay Triple-lines
Minor Shoulder-knot
Peppered Moth
Buff Arches
Scalloped Oak
Clouded Silver
Grey Arches
Buff Footman
Grey Pine Carpet
Large Emerald
Common White Wave
Total: 36

Epinota brunnichana

Satin Lutestring

Large Emerald

Ghost Moth

Bordered White

Twin-spot Carpet

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