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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Cloaked in garden, success!

The weather was not great again last night, but I thought a garden trapping might be worth it. Despite reasonably low numbers, my decision to trap was vindicated, as a Cloaked Carpet was in there, which is new to the garden. This is my second ever after seeing my first at Thursley 10 days ago. This is also only my second 'Notable-B' for the garden (other Horse-chestnut).

July 4th:

10 Rustic

6 Uncertain

5 Dark Arches

3 Light Arches

3 Riband Wave

2 Mottled Beauty

2 Willow Beauty

2 Bird's Wing

2 Double Square-spot

1 Beautiful Hook-tip

1 Minor Shoulder-knot NFY

1 Cloaked Carpet NFG

1 Small Seraphim

1 July Highflyer

1 Flame Shoulder NFY

1 Poplar Hawk NFY

1 Flame

1 Heart and Club

1 Purple Clay NFY

1 Bright-line Brown-eye

1 Dunbar

Flame Shoulder

Minor Shoulder-knot

Poplar Hawk

Cloaked Carpet

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