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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Knot a lot

Conditions were almost perfect last night, and the number of moths in the trap reflected this. However, I am surprised by the lack of variety with just 21 species. These included a third record of True Lover's Knot. I also got a nice Orthopygia glaucinalis

25th July:

13 Dark Arches

10 Dunbar

10 Common Rustic

8 Uncertain

4 Double Square-spot

4 Clay

4 Large Yellow Underwing

4 Rustic

3 Shuttle-shaped Dart

3 Willow Beauty

3 Riband Wave

1 Mottled Beauty

1 Double-striped Pug

1 Common Wave

1 Flame Carpet NFY

1 Scalloped Oak

1 Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing

1 True Lover's Knot NFY

1 Light Arches

1 Smoky Wainscot

1 Pale Mottled Willow

Orthopygia glaucinalis

Flame Carpet

True Lover's Knot

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