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Friday, 24 August 2012

The Tower of Rustic Neglect / + big news

In conjunction with the Surrey Wildlife Trusts volunteer do at the Semaphore Tower at Chatley Heath, I joined Paul Wheeler for some mothing on the edge of the heathland there.  It was rather nice having a barbacue, cider and wine to keep us going (although pangs of guilt for not being a volunteer meant I just had the one half-pint of cider!).   The conditions weren't brilliant, but I still came away with the nice macro lifer of Neglected Rustic, although its lucky it showed its hindwings, as we may have otherwise overlooked it as a Lesser Yellow Underwing!  Some nice micros included Agriphila latistria, Swarmmadamia caesiella, and Mirificarma mulinella (just like the Rustic, these were as dull as anything, but new ones to me!).  I did not take any notes so I don't have the full list, but the only other moths worthy of any mention were a Mocha, lots of White-line Darts, and the heathland gelechid Aristotelia ericinella.

Neglected Rustic

In other news, I have recently found out that I have to move house.  This is a bit of a pain, as I feel I was just getting to know the lepifauna of my Haslemere garden!  In just over three years there I've built up a macro list of 275, and a micro list (which I've only just started) of 105.  On the plus side, the house I am moving to near Aldershot at the end of September is a blank canvas, and I can't wait to get going there.  The Ash Ranges are close-by, and the Basingstoke Canal passes the bottom of the garden, so I hope to get some nice wetland species.


  1. Good luck with the move!
    Abit like me, I have just moved to North Herts and have a lovely little garden which is already proving quite good for moths.
    Thus my blog remains under Essex Moths, otherwise I would lose all my google hits! therefore Herts and Essex Moths stuck, like you I still travel over the border.
    ps. well done on the Neglected Rustic :)

  2. Cheers Ben.

    I've just realised that the garden is in fact in Surrey, so no need to start a new blog!

  3. Good news Sean, would have been a huge loss for the blog!

    Good luck in the new house, hope it all goes smoothly.