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Friday, 10 August 2012

Southern at the Meadows

There was an event last night at wetland site of Stoke Meadows, and for once, the weather was good.  I do wonder though how much I would have seen had I not left early.  Despite this, I managed a great macro lifer.  Two Southern Wainscot were trapped, the second much fresher than the first, but both had the diagnostic spots in the middle of both underwings.  Some nice wetland micros were seen including Calamotropha palludella and Orthotelia sparganella.

9th August, Stoke Meadows:
1 Riband Wave
2 Single-dotted Wave
3 Shaded Broad-bar
2 Common Carpet
5 Yellow Shell
1 Small Rivulet
1 Tawny Speckled Pug
1 Currant Pug
2 Brimstone
2 Iron Prominent
1 Swallow Prominent
2 Pale Prominent
1 Round-winged Muslin
10 Dingy Footman
1 Large Yellow Underwing
1 Least Yellow Underwing
1 Beautiful Yellow Underwing
2 Southern Wainscot
1 Double Kidney
1 Dunbar
1 Common Rustic sp.
2 Crescent
3 Webb's Wainscot
1 Fan-foot

1 Caloptilia alchimiella
1 Orthotelia sparganella*
1 Ypsolopha scabrella*
1 Blastobasis adustella
1 Carcina quercana
1 Limnaecia pragmitella*
2 Bryotropha terrella
1 Caryocolum fraternella
3 Red-barred Tortrix
3 Bactra lancealana*
1 Endothenia marginana
2 Celypha lacunana
1 Epinotia nisella
4 Phycita roborella
3 Calamotropha paludella
1 Chrysoteuchia culmella
2 Agriphila tristella
6 Agriphila straminella
2 Donacaula forficella
15 Small China-mark
4 Ringed China-mark
2 Evergestis pallidata*
3 Mother of Pearl

Southern Wainscot

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