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Sunday, 5 June 2011


Last night was lovely and cloudy, and it was a pleasant surprise not to see any of the wet stuff. Variety was oddly down on yesterday, but numbers were up, as Heart and Darts soared to new heights! Best were a Shears, and a Pine Hawk, although its a shame the latter was such a sorry looking specimen!

4th June:

64 Heart and Dart

22 Dark Arches

7 Minor sp.

1 Flame

1 Shuttle-shaped Dart

1 Heart and Club

1 Buff-tip

1 Treble Brown Spot

1 Marbled White Spot NFY

1 Shears NFY

1 Peppered Moth NFY

1 Red-green Carpet NFY

1 Pine Hawk NFY

Red-green Carpet

Marbled White Spot

Pine Hawk


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