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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Darts, Clubs and Silver-lines

Another warm night, so I trapped in the garden. I got the best variety of the year so far, but the high numbers of individuals were mostly down to Heart and Dart! Only the second garden record of Green Silver-lines was probably the best, although its a shame it was so worn.

3rd June:

48 Heart and Dart

15 Dark Arches

6 Minor sp.

4 Treble Lines

4 Flame

2 Willow Beauty NFY

2 Heart and Club NFY

2 Grey Pug

1 Dusky Brocade NFY

1 Brimstone NFY

1 Garden Carpet NFY

1 Middle-barred Minor NFY

1 Green Silver-lines NFY

1 Buff-tip

1 Brown Silver-lines

1 Large Yellow Underwing NFY

1 Vine's Rustic

1 Light Emerald NFY

Heart and Club

Garden Carpet

Dusky Brocade

Middle-barred Minor

Green Silver-lines

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