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Friday, 20 May 2011

Odonata more interesting than moths lately!

I've not been doing much mothing in the last week or two... which is a pity as people seem to be getting some interesting catches (a friend in Nutfield caught a splendid brocade!). But I've managed to photograph a few. The female common swift seemed to be a slightly unusual colour. bilunana was a new species for me. And I was quite chuffed when a downy emerald decided to perch on our trellis in almost exactly the same spot as last year's brilliant emerald. I think I'm up to c19 species of Odonata in the garden now. Today I found an enormous exuvia on a rush - it can only have come from an emerging emperor dragonfly as it was almost two inches long. I finally managed to catch a pic of a speckled yellow - a diurnal, fast-moving species that I first tried (unsuccessfully) to photo about five years ago. Pity it's rather faded - or is it a dull female?

Teleiodes luculella

Nemapogon cloacella (cork moth)

common swift

Epinotia bilunana

downy emerald

speckled yellow

middle-barred minor

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