As of March 2015, an official website for Surrey Moths has been set-up here. There you'll find information on everything to do with the Surrey Branch of Butterfly Conservation, including the updated events calender for 2015. Hope to see you there!

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Surrey moth-er, now on Portland!

Hi all,

I did say i'd let you know when I started my new blog for my adventures on Portland.  Well here it is http://theportlandnaturalist.blogspot.co.uk/  Been going a week now.  Plenty of moth stuff, alongside everything else!

Shame young Bill has deserted you for a far-flung bird observatory, oh wait.



  1. Good luck in your new 'life' Sean... there should be plenty of birds and moths to keep you going down there. I'll look at your blog with interest. What I started when I sold you my old moth trap ;-) You know a lot more than I about moths now.

  2. Thanks Ken.

    Yes, I shall never forget what you did to me ;-) We both know that's not true, but thanks for the huge compliment!