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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Nightjars the highlight again!

Last night, I thought it might be worth trapping after our Nightjar walk at RSPB Farnham Heath, though the weather was not ideal.  Unlike in the past, I did not have my generator, so I had to make do with using the power from the office, which meant the location was not the best.

Nonetheless, after a brilliant Nightjar walk in which I got my best views ever, I left the trap running overnight, and opened it up in the morning to a good number of moths.

Nothing spectacular, but 95 moths of 32 species is a good haul all things considered.

Farnham Heath, 8th June:
16 Narrow-winged Pug
13 Grey Pine Carpet
8 Orange Footman
8 Shoulder-striped Wainscot
4 Pale Tussock
3 Common Swift
3 Treble Lines
3 White Ermine
2 Buff-tip
2 Tawny-barred Angle
2 Flame Shoulder
2 Birch Mocha
2 Spruce Carpet
2 Fox Moth
2 Clouded Silver
1 Peppered Moth
1 Brimstone
1 Cinnabar
1 Pine Hawk
1 Spectacle
1 Grey Pug
1 Green Carpet
1 Heart + Dart
1 Light Brocade
1 Shuttle-shaped Dart
1 Common Pug
1 Red Twin-spot Carpet

5 Scoparia pyralella
1 Brown House Moth
1 Nemophora degreella
1 Bacta sp.
1 Coleophora sp.
1 Notocelia cynobastella
1 Elachista canapennella

Nemophora degreella

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