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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Spring Ushered?

If only, but it was a great start to my garden trapping year in the garden. This will be the first year I attempt to use the MV trap regularly in the garden, that's until the neighbours complain!
Never having trapped in the winter before, I was hoping of at least a garden tick of Winter Moth. None of those amazingly, but I did get that garden tick in the form of a Spring Usher, but despite getting an early Common Quaker as well, I wouldn't regard it as a sign of spring just yet!
9th January:
2 Chestnut
1 Common Quaker
1 Spring Usher NFG
1 Pale Brindled Beauty
Spring Usher
Pale Brindled Beauty


  1. I'm getting a few Winter moths and had two Spring Ushers last week before the temp plummetted! A couple of Chestnuts and quite a few Mottled Umbers as well.

    I'm on the edge of Surrey, in Wimbledon!

  2. Good to see your catching some early season moths, Sean. Is it just me or are Spring Ushers appearing earlier this year?

    Aoj and The Hounds- Thats a bigger list of moths than I've managed so far this year. I don't suppose you'd like to join the Surrey Mothing team and make a few posts on your sightings every now and again?