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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

One-hundered-and-eighty! Game on at Farnham

I went trapping away from the garden by myself for the first time, using my MV. With power courtesy of the Rural Life Centre, I was able to trap last night in a recently felled clearing at Farnham Heath RSPB reserve. Conditions could not have been much better, with cloud rolling in just after dusk. I was kept pretty busy, although the final count of 43 macro species for the whole night is a tad dissapointing, possibly because of the late-ish time of year. Best was a White-line Dart, which pretty much a lifer (I saw one in a pot at Dungeness on a moth morning once). Also nice heathland species of Dotted Border Wave and Beautiful Yellow Underwing. My first adult Oak Eggar in Surrey too. I paid a lot of attention to the micros, to try not to loose any records by photographing them all for ID later. I'll do a separate post for those, once I have the ID's. One that I think I could do however, was Synaphe punctalis, which was very common. A couple of interesting Beetle vistiors too. I also have a Carpet which stumped me.

August 1st, Farnham Heath:


Lesser Yellow Underwing

Common Footman

Scarce Footman (loads!)

Oak Nycteoline

Ruby Tiger

Beautiful Hook-tip

Small Fan-footed Wave

Shuttle-shaped Dart

Oak Eggar

Riband Wave


Common Rustic

Beautiful Yellow Underwing

Yellow Shell

Rosy Footman

Lesser Swallow Prominent

True Lover's Knot

Black Arches

Dark Arches

Dingy Footman


Tawny-barred Angle

Pine Hawk

White-line Dart*

Dotted Border Wave

Plain Wave

Grey Pine Carpet
Nut-tree Tussock

Lime-speck Pug

Narrow-winged Pug

Brown-line Bright-eye

Scalloped Hook-tip

Dark Sword-grass

Willow Beauty

Oak Hook-tip

Horse Chestnut

Pebble Hook-tip

Large Yellow Underwing

Buff Footman

Setaceous Hebrew Character

Pine Carpet

September Thorn

At first I thought it was a Common, but the white lines are not clear enough. Any ideas?

Synaphe punctalis

Lesser Swallow Prominent

Dotted Border Wave

Plain Wave

Oak Eggar

Gigantic Pine Longhorn Beetle (it was at least the size of a Stag Beetle)

Eyed Ladybird

White-line Dart

Lets try and make the 200th blog post a good one chaps!

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