As of March 2015, an official website for Surrey Moths has been set-up here. There you'll find information on everything to do with the Surrey Branch of Butterfly Conservation, including the updated events calender for 2015. Hope to see you there!

Thursday, 6 January 2011

up and running!

I saw my first identifyable moth of the year on our local station today - mottled umber. The attached pic is not the same moth... it was in our garden on 30th December.


  1. A beauty... still waiting for my first of 2011. Roll on the summer, eh?

  2. Nice to see some moth activity, Ken. I have just come back from Norfolk, and on one mild evening I was driving along some country lanes, and I could see alot of moths. I got out, and there were Winter moths everywhere in the headlights! They were all sitting on trees, presumably looking for females, although I could not see any.