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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Norbury the Centre of moth activity

On the 28th August, I went to Norbury Park near Dorking to spend an evening on the meadows there. Although conditions were again fairly cold, we got a decent haul, that included a new species. In the end we got at least 12 Centre-barred Sallows. We also managed a couple of Hedge Rustics, which are apparently now a BAP species (forgotten what that stands for, but it means the species is in deep decline).
Norbury Meadows, 28th August:
Six-striped Rustic
Square-spot Rustic
Green Carpet
Straw Underwing
Straw Dot
Yellow Shell
Feathered Gothic
Lesser Yellow Underwing
Flame Shoulder
Light Emerald
Setaceous Hebrew Character
Large Yellow Underwing
Hedge Rustic
Flounced Rustic
Centre-barred Sallow*
Purple Bar
Common Wainscot
Lesser Treble-bar
Vine's Rustic
Barred Rivulet
Currant Pug
Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing
Willow Beauty
Small Phoenix
Pebble Hook-tip
Canary-shouldered Thorn
Orange Swift
Pretty Chalk Carpet
Copper Underwing
Lesser Treble-bar
Hedge Rustic
Centre-barred Sallow

I am now all up to date, but I am still without the internet at home, so I may well have to catch up again in the future (although with the weather as it is at the moment, it may not be that bad (I have not trapped in the garden since the 21st because of that).

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